This web site was made on a Mac, using TextWrangler, Versions, Kaleidoscope, ExpanDrive, Illustrator and Photoshop. It’s hosted at the very efficient

The theme is based on the wonderful work of happyo's designer (salt and pepper) and architect (Kallia Thomopoulou).

Fonts are PF Transport (for logo and headlines) and Helvetica Neue (for text). Symbols in flavors and toppings pages are "Cow" by Alessandro Costa, "Chocolate" by Alessandro Suraci, "Strawberry" by Alessandro Suraci, "Banana" by Anna Weiss, "Fruit" by Jayme Davis, "Hazelnuts" by Kate Vogel, "Jar" by Connor Cesa, "Candy" by Julia Soderberg, and "Drop" by Nithin Davis Nanthikkara, all from The Noun Project collection. Photos by dousiscom.

Safari Developer Library, Mozilla Developer Network, CSS-Tricks and A List Apart have been trusted sources of information and effective pain relievers.

- zaxpy