Greek frozen yogurt. In Mykonos, Greece.

Thαt should be enough to come mαke friends. The rest is just something to reαd on the wαy.

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We make smooth frozen yogurt, using fresh Greek yogurt and milk. Our toppings range from traditional, like honey and fresh fruits, to quirky, like couverture shreds and rainbow hearts. There's also a selection of smoothies, coffee and soft drinks. All delights are served in an elegant and hip space at the heart of Mykonos. If you still need convincing to find your way to us, just flip the cards below.

  • Fresh ingredients

    We don't have a cow, but our supplier has lots. With 100% Greek fresh milk and yogurt, topped with fresh, locally-sourced fruits, you can't go wrong. All for your healthy pleasure.

  • Loving service

    Do you really let anybody play with your cutlery? Don't you like being pampered? You tell us what you need and we serve with love and smiles. Just relax and enjoy.

  • Fαir value

    Surprises are fun, but usually not when it comes to your wallet. Besides, who knows what's 100 mg? With us, the moment you pick your cup, you know what you'll pay .

  • Open house

    Whether just off the ship, back from the beach, strolling after dinner or calling it a night, we're here for you. Finally, a light, sweet snack for everyone at anytime.